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For ANY reason, ANY reason at all, if an appointment is missed, canceled, rescheduled, forgotten, with-in 24 hours, OR if you are tardy 25 minutes or more, there will be a 30% fee of total service charged on the credit card you provided upon the creation of your appointment. A fee will also be charged if you change your service in the salon at your appointment. Please provide More Than 24 hours for changes to your reservation. HairThrone is not responsible for any misunderstandings or failure to see such Cancellation policy and will put forth such charge if any actions stated above occurs. If in such case the card is declined, you will not be permitted to make future appointments until balance is paid. We do not accept AMEX.


Changing your mind and changing your service at your appointment will also result in a 30% fee. One example: if you book a full highlight and haircut, and during your appointment, you would only like to go through with your cut, the stylist will be compensated for the 3 hours booked for the full highlight by receiving 30% of that service. Please make changes to your reservation 24 hours OR more in advance. Our artists are the best and are in demand. They take your time very seriously, as should you.

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Cashless. We do not keep cash in the salon, therefore we cannot provide change of bills. Please plan ahead.